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Current Dogs Available

Molly:  9 years young!  Molly is looking for a home with a single man!  She loves her off leash runs and has good recall.  She is being fostered with other dogs right now, and some

srecc molly 9times tries tosteal her foster sibs food!  She likes men, but will growl and show her teeth to women if they pet her or interact with her.. BUT when on hikes with her foster mom, as long as mom has treats – she is just fine…  She loves her foster dad and follows him everywhere.  She walks on a leash, but really prefers her off leash hikes. Don’t be fooled by her age, Molly is still active, happy and healthy!  Ready for a forever home.  Is it with you?  She is currently being fostered in Newcastle, ON.


Archie: ADOPTED 8-9 years old, such a lover! Requires a home with a large fenced yard, ideally country living!  Archie has fear based dog reactions – and is not a dog who can go to dog parks. He IMG_20151013_160551_1ideally would live in the country and have ample space to run. He is fine with dogs once introduced properly, and has lived with other dogs before.  He cannot go to a home with cats, small dogs or other small animals.  He has a very high prey drive.  He used to be a hunting dog in Quebec.  He will not be placed in a suburb type neighbourhood as there would be too many dogs around at walk time.  He loves curling up on dog beds, laps and just loves his people!  Give him a chance? He currently is being fostered in Stoney Creek Ontario and has 2 human siblings.. Good with kids!



Laffy:  ADOPTED Oh Laffy boy…  Not a springer, but an amazing dog!  He looks to be part Lab and part German Short Hair Pointer; He is around 4 years old.  Laffy is an active dog who hlaffy 7as been with his fosters for over a year!!  He was pulled from a high kill shelter a few years ago – who could resist those eyes!!  But he’s been having a hard time finding a forever home (maybe because he is a pretend springer?)  Laffy is great at the dog park, loves other dogs and has not been tested with cats.   He needs lots of exercise, toys and love… and is a very handsome dog.   He had a bite incident when he was first with his fosters, but we think he was really nervous settling in.  His behaviour at the beginning was reactive when the fosters quickly touched his face and it showed us that he had probably been hit in his past.  Great news, once he settled in and learned that hands don’t hit anymore… no incidents at all!


Charlie:  charlie on walkADOPTED 5 years old – fixed.  Requires a single woman home.  No other pets, kids or partner…  He likes his Mum all to himself!!  Currently is in Peterborough in foster care.









Please consider filling out an application:   It is not a commitment, but gives us a better idea of your situation.

We require the applications, and cannot respond to Facebook comments indicating interest on a particular dog.  Fill out an application, do a telephone interview and a home visit and get approved to adopt with Springer Rescue of Ontario!

All dogs come fixed and up to date with shots.