Wellington got adopted!

In February, Wellington, 4 years old: moved up to Peterborough area to join his new family.

He welly1now lives on a horse farm with lots of room to run!  We are so happy for Mr. Wellie.  He is such a great dog, and after an initial adjustment period (it’s tough!) he is settling in well.   Congrats Tracy + family for adopting through Springer Rescue of Ontario!




Penny got adopted!

Penny wasn’t with us very long!  She moved to her new home in Ottawa right before Christmas. 20DCC79C-4DA7-47D5-ACAD-01DD9F9BF2FE

An update from Penny‘s forever home: LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS!! Thank you to all involved – Penny was home for the holidays.

Penny has been settling in seamlessly with our family. She is so sweet-tempered and gentle, she didn’t hesitate to begin to demonstrate affection for all members of our multi-generational household. We’ve all been especially moved by the bond developing between toddler Jassim and our new dear pet. He pets her gently and calls out “Dog!” excitedly whenever he sees her. She sits patiently while he “brushes” her fur, clearly enjoying it as much as he does. Especially funny is how he’s taken to hugging her bum when she’s standing! When she sits, he sits with her on the kitchen floor… It’s adorable and moving. She is calm and obedient with all members of the family, and gets lots of love and attention. We anticipated that settling her in and beginning to understand her would never be perfect, but the early hiccups (an accident or two in the house for example) faded away within the first couple of days, much faster than we imagined. She loves exploring our back yard, and she gets along shockingly well with our slightly grumpy older cat… I would say the only particular challenge we need to take on next is getting her more used to being on leash, so that she can have more fun on her and Douglas’ early morning walks by the Ottawa river. If leash training is the biggest hurdle we have to cross in these early months, I think it is safe to say her integration has been a beaming success so far! She seems content, happy and relaxed in her new home with us, and we feel lucky and grateful to have her.”

Douglas + family (Ottawa Ontario)


February 10, 2016:   We have set our annual general meeting for Sunday March 20, 2016 in Barrie, Ontario.  The meeting will take place after our full day board planning day.